BLESSINGS AND WELCOME! I am Monifa Maat...I want to help you discover the Healthy Motivator in YOU! 

At The Healthy Motivator, we support, develop and implement sustainable health solutions that reduce the prevalence of preventable lifestyle diseases in New York City's urban communities. How do I define "sustainable health solutions?

SIMPLE: Designed for anyone to participate, anytime, anywhere!

EFFECTIVE:  Gets results!

REPLICABLE: Strategies can be easily maintained and function within a variety of groups and environments                                                                                             

FUN: CAN-DO food and fitness strategies that ROCK!


Why do we exercise, diet, lose weight - then gain it all back again?

The truth is, "you are what you eat", but you EAT what you FEEL.  

The better you Feel the better you EAT!


Grocery Shopping.JPG

When fitness and nutrition harmoniously mingle throughout daily activities in a way that sustains strength, energy and wellness --that's my idea of a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE! 

I offer...

  • group fitness classes
  • grocery shopping tours ("Shop healthy & save")
  • health workshops
  • speaking engagements
  • fitness demonstrations
  • products: Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow - (Book/DVD/Audio) 

Discover "craveable" HEALTHY SOLUTIONS that bring out the Healthy Mo-tivator in YOU!

Mo' Burn!


Short bursts of strength and core drills combined with body sculpting dance aerobics set to an inspirational mix of popular music! Burn more fat and LOVE every minute of it!

Mo Burn

Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow 


Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow (or "BAFF" for short) is a therapeutic, faith-based bed exercise program to improve the quality of life for all individuals with chronic pain and limited mobility.


Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow ›

52 CAN-DOs

Healthy Lifestyle Solutions for EACH Week of the Year that you definitely CAN DO! Monifa Maat's 52 Can Do's is featured weekly in NYC's Harlem Community Newspaper (Good news you can use!)


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