Monifa Maat 

"Fitness therapy to strengthen your body from the inside, out."

BLESSINGS AND WELCOME!I'm Monifa Maat "The Healthy Mo-tivator". Quick question: Why do people exercise, diet, lose weight - then gain it all back again? Why do we yo-yo? You know, the torturous cycle of denial-reward. Usually, though not always, its connected to what's inside - our emotions. You know the deal... YOU are what you EAT, but you eat what you FEEL. I always say, " personal fitness is a journey, not a destination."So friends, what are you waiting for? Come with me as we explore your limitless capacity to live a FIT and more HEALTHFUL lifestyle. AND GUESS WHAT? I I promise I'll make you LOVE IT along the way!!

I'll help you witness your own transformation, and how others see you too. Before long you will discover the Healthy Motivator... in YOU! 

“It is at the point when one understands that weight loss is but a stone along the path towards a healthy lifestyle that a lasting transformation in one’s health habits can occur”.                                                                                      

​Therapy defined boils down to any activity such as a training, consultation or even a hobby (like dancing) that restores, treats, improves one's state of mind, body, and spirit. So what is "fitness therapy?" It is the ability of a fitness activity to strengthen, restore and improve your body from the inside, out. If you take care of the inside, the outside is a piece of... well, shall we say fruit?​​I design unique and dynamic  fitness therapy programs for that will motivate YOU to crave a healthier lifestyle! Enjoy your stay here and make yourself at home!You'll be glad you did.

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Who Am I?

- Monifa Maat
Your Healthy Motivator :-)Monifa Maat