What is Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow (BAFF)?


Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow (or "BAFF" for short) is a therapeutic, mind body bed exercise system that assists individuals with chronic pain and limited mobility to better perform activities of daily living to improve the quality of their lives.

BAFF is designed to help prevent and manage the onset of joint pain, anxiety, poor sleep patterns and sedentarism resulting from chronic health related problems. Plus BAFF helps to strengthen, stretch the muscles and burns fat -- all from the convenience and comfort of your very own bed! 



BAFF Combines ALL 4 categories of exercise recommended by the American Heart Association for inclusion in a American Heart Association for inclusion in a well-rounded exercise program - FLEXIBILITY, STRENGTH, BALANCE, ENDURANCE.



Rehabilitation &  enhances Physical Therapy

BAFF progressively improves strength, flexibility, posture & balance due to core conditioning exercises.

Helps to Relieve Joint Pain and Increase Body fluid Circulation

BAFF is easier on the joints. Muscles contract and release to enhance the discharge of toxic waste from joints while increasing the flow of blood and lymph through the system.

Excellent muscle recovery following strenuous workouts

Gentle stretches and exercises in BAFF help to remove lactic acid buildup which contributes to muscle soreness following tough workouts.

MOVE Convenient and Affordable

NO gym memberships or exercise equipment needed. Your bed is your fitness "center".

Great for New Moms

Under a medical professional's approval, BAFF may assist pre-natal and post-natal women, to boost their mood, improve sleep, and reduce pregnancy aches and pains.

     May help reduce stress and improve sleep.

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"The techniques Monifa Maat uses in Bed Aerobics compliments the treatment that I receive in physical therapy for frozen shoulder, tendinitis and pinched nerve ...I totally love the experience and appreciate how the sessions enhance my health and recovery." 

--A. Barrow, New York, NY (Patient at Physical Therapy of Harlem located in NYC, Dr. Jeffrey Chow, Director)


BAFF has me feeling rejuvenated and spiritually empowered!

--C. Ruiz, New York, NY



"I'm an active 60+ year old...and to think I don't have to get out of bed to do these exercises and the results are amazing..."

H. Ivory, Bronx, NY


"As a 37 year-old, I think Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow is an excellent idea. Great for anyone that leads a busy life and can’t afford to get a gym membership…you actually feel the burn and intensity." --T. Jones, Bronx, NY


"Every time I attend this BAFF class I feel happy...I have more energy, I feel more alive."

--B. Baker, New York, NY"


"The name can be deceiving... Bed Aerobics... because you think it's more geared toward seniors, or people with physical disabilities...of course its good for them, but it's also for people like me that enjoy a challenging fun workout." --Lisa D., New York, NY


"After doing Bed Aerobics? I feel sweaty...but that 's good - because I burned some calories!" --L. Brown, NY, NY






"Bed Aerobics is the answer, I find it a challenging cross between Yoga and Pilates..."
--D. Horton, Bronx, NY